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Taxes and extra Expenses

When purchasing a property in Turkey, there are some taxes and expenses which must be paid to the Turkish goverment.

Purchase Tax: it is 4% of the sales price.it should be paid to the goverment. Generally it is divided as 2% for buyer and 2% for developer.

VAT(Value Added Tax): For commercial units , VAT to be paid 18% of the sales price otheswise, for apartment units, VAT varies between 1% and 18% of the sales depending on to whether it is greater 150 m2 of internal area of the unit.

Utilities : For water, electricity, gas connections and registrations to the unit, approximately $900 need to be paid in Turkey.

Other Expenses: Depending on the property that you buy, there could be different expenses such as stamp duty, notary expenses etc. As “EB Investment” we guarantee you to minimize your expenses wtihout any charge.

Totally, when you buy a property in Turkey through EB Investment, Taxes and all extra expenses will be between 3,5% and 4% of the sales price.

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